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Extending a servant's hand to the servants 

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With humility and dedication, we are pleased to present our consulting service for churches. Focused on the health, growth and strengthening of congregations, our team of experts specializes in a wide range of areas vital to church ministry.

Our Ministry Health Assessment offers an in-depth, objective look at the inner workings of your church, allowing you to identify strengths and areas of improvement to achieve greater impact in your community. With respect and discretion, we analyze every relevant aspect to guarantee a service of excellence.

Service review and quality of visitor service are key aspects of providing a welcoming and meaningful experience to those looking to join your congregation. Our approach, centered on love and empathy, will provide you with practical strategies to create a warm and accepting environment for these new members.

In times of conflict, our resolution and mediation service is an invaluable tool to promote reconciliation and unity in your community. Our commitment is to provide a safe and confidential space to address tensions and challenges that may arise, seeking constructive and healing solutions.

In addition, we have the vast experience and leadership of Pr. Leonardo Castro, a consultant with an impeccable track record and extensive references within our denomination. With extensive credentials that endorse his experience, Pr. Leo is recognized for his integrity, wisdom and passion for serving God and the churches.

In each consultation, our goal is to accompany and guide you in a respectful and professional manner. We rely on core values, such as honesty and trust, to provide you with advice on convention, NAMB and other relevant matters.

It is an honor for us to put our experience and knowledge at the service of your church. We are ready to accompany you on this journey of growth and service, working together to reach the maximum potential of your ministry. Contact us to learn more and take the first step toward a stronger community focused on the love of Christ.

This service is only offered in Spanish and English for now.