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In this section we want to make known about our dreams and needs.

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"Dreams and Needs of Our Institution"


In our constant commitment to growth and service, we wish to share our dreams and needs as an educational institution. Our approach is professional, but it is also an invitation to join our vision and pray together for what we believe is a divine purpose.

  1. Prayer for Worthy Service: First of all, we ask for your prayers. We long for God to allow us to serve Him in the way He deserves. We desire to be instruments of His love and His guidance in the lives of our students, helping them to thrive spiritually and in all areas of their lives.
  2. Multilingual Teacher Recruitment: To offer a comprehensive and global education, we are looking for teachers who speak other languages, with an emphasis on English, Tagalog, and Korean. These professionals will not only teach in their languages but will also be mentors with cultural knowledge and respect, becoming role models for our students, and enriching their educational experience.
  3. Strategic Alliances: We seek the opportunity to close agreements with other institutes, seminaries, universities, church associations, and state conventions. Through these partnerships, our students will have more educational and ministry options when they leave our classrooms, thus expanding their horizons and opportunities.
  4. Financial Support: To carry out our mission of spiritual education and formation, we need your financial support. We are sure that God guides the hearts of people willing to collaborate with us in this educational ministry. Each contribution is an investment in the growth of future generations and a testimony of love and generosity.


Today we share with you our deepest dreams

  1. Multitude of servants of God; We dream that numerous leaders, passionate church planters, and dedicated pastors will emerge from our classrooms and become catalysts for significant change in the world.
  2. Let no one be left behind or alone: One of our most intense dreams is to be able to finance missionary projects and support retired pastors and their widows. Our hearts hurt to think that there are men and women of God who gave their lives for the gospel and then many are forgotten by the same people they served. We wish to bring love, dignity, respect and friendship to all those in old age or loneliness. We want to support planters and missionaries, supporting them with resources that are intended to support them and their ministries. It is a desire that fills us with passion and purpose, and that drives us to work tirelessly to make it a reality. Let no one be left behind.
  3. ​Global Harvest: University and Seminary: Another of our aspirations is to transform ourselves into an institution with the right to be recognized as a Christian University. This is an important step in our path of growth and expansion, as it would allow us to offer a broader range of academic programs and reach an even more diverse audience. We envision a future where Global Harvest is transformed into a renowned university and seminary. We are happy and grateful for what we have achieved to date, but our dreams go further. We want to continue serving our students, maintaining our current philosophy of accessibility and faith, but on a broader level and with greater opportunities.
  4. Own Building: One of our fondest dreams is to have our own building. We recognize that our philosophy is based on not burdening students with high educational fees, which makes acquiring your own building a challenge. However, we continue to believe in divine provision and the generosity of those who share our vision. We dream of a suitable space that will be a home for our community and a place where teaching and learning flourish

These needs and dreams represent our firm commitment to providing love, support, quality education and spiritual formation to all those who seek to strengthen their faith and knowledge, as well as to those who, at the end of their days, require our help.

We deeply value your continued support and prayers as we collaborate to make these dreams come true. We believe in God, and that through Him we have the potential for a bright future for Global Harvest, and with His help, we are confident that we can achieve it. 

Together, you and we, we are building a legacy of love, service and commitment to the global community for the glory of God..

Pray for all this.

With gratitude and hope

Mario Alsina and all of us at Global Harvest Theological Institute,