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At Global Harvest Theological Institute, we are committed to providing a quality Christian education that holistically nurtures the spiritual, intellectual, and personal growth of our students. Drawing on the guidance of the Holy Spirit and a deep commitment to Biblical truth, our mission is to equip men and women with a solid understanding of the Christian faith. This will enable them to learn more and, through that knowledge, better serve God and humanity.

We desire to be a model of academic and spiritual excellence where students find inspiration to explore the richness of the Christian faith and prepare to meet the challenges of the modern world with compassion, wisdom, and dedication to service.

We deeply value spirituality and the guidance of the Holy Spirit in our educational process, understanding that they are fundamental for spiritual growth and the formation of upright leaders. We want to help students use the word of God well. 2 Timothy 2:15 KJV "Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth."

At Global Harvest Theological Institute, our passion is to equip people so that, through deep study of theology and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, they can discern the will of God and contribute meaningfully to the advancement of the Kingdom on Earth.

We firmly believe that by learning more and being guided by God we can better serve and transform lives through the love and truth of Jesus Christ..

We believe that we are an institution guided by God, therefore, we live by faith. We do not finance ourselves by putting high fees on our students, we do not want to put them in debt or discourage them. If we are an institution guided by God, then we will prosper and His glory will be seen in us. 

These definitions are intended to express our direction and identity:

Vision:  “To be a multilingual educational center, committed to biblical teaching through in-person and online modalities".

Mission: "To develop upright, competent and spiritual Christian ministers."

Slogan: “Learning more to serve Him better” 

Our Core Values are:

  • Academic Excellence: We strive to maintain high standards of quality in teaching and learning.
  • Amplitude: We advocate for the acceptance and respect of our students, valuing their heritage and/or perspectives in the ministry setting.
  • Integrity: We act with honesty and ethics in all facets of education and administrative management.
  • Innovation: We are constantly looking for new ways to enrich education and improve the student experience.
  • Service: We encourage growth in service and the creation of new churches
  • Orthodoxy: We embrace a solid and applied interpretation of doctrine, focusing on action with a living faith, not merely words.

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