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At the school of theology, we carry out training workshops with the aim of enriching and strengthening the formation of our students in various academic and ministerial aspects. These workshops offer an invaluable opportunity to gain practical skills, deepen theological insights, and promote spiritual and personal growth.

Here are some key reasons why we run training workshops at our school of theology:

Improve academic training: Workshops provide an opportunity to delve into specific areas of theology or practical aspects related to ministry. This allows students to broaden their knowledge and have a deeper and more specialized understanding of certain topics.

Develop Ministry Skills: Workshops are designed to provide practical skills that are critical to ministry leadership and service. These skills may include preaching, counseling, pastoral leadership, church administration, among others..

Encourage experiential learning: The workshops offer an experiential learning approach, where students have the opportunity to apply theoretical concepts in real situations. This allows them to develop confidence and practical skills in a safe and supportive environment.

Promote interaction and camaraderie: The workshops encourage interaction between students and teaching staff, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and mutual support. Students can learn from each other and share experiences that enrich the learning process.

Adapt to changing needs: The workshops allow us to quickly adapt to the changing needs and demands of the ministry and society. We can offer training in emerging areas or respond to specific challenges facing the church community.

Spiritual enrichment and integral formation: The workshops are not only focused on theological and ministerial knowledge, but also seek to nurture the spiritual growth and integral formation of the students. These spaces offer the opportunity to reflect on faith and personal vocation.

Update and improve skills: The workshops also serve to update and improve the skills of the leaders and teachers of the school of theology. This ensures that we are constantly seeking excellence in our educational work.

In summary, the training workshops at the school of theology are an essential part of our educational proposal, since they contribute to the academic, spiritual and ministerial growth of our students and also of our teaching staff. We strive to provide enriching and hands-on learning opportunities that equip our students for effective and relevant service in their respective communities and ministries.

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